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We work with clients from Europe and Asia managing surveys around the world in various sectors ranging from the automotive industry to media research to political research to household product usage and many more.

Manage your surveys seamlessly

Ask questions

Form your questions to get the most relevant answers.

Reach people worldwide

Survey wide audience to get even the insights.

Analyze your results

Choose the way you want to analyze your data from a variety of possibilities.

Create surveys

Use different types of surveys

You can choose a survey type from a variety of options which suit your needs best. Whether it’s an Omnibus or a regular survey, the choice is yours.

Choose the right questions

Different question types give you more flexibility to make sure you are able to ask the respondents exactly the way you prefer.

Create surveys in different languages

SynoTool allows you to launch the survey in as many languages as you need. If you wish to conduct a survey in Japan, Portugal and Egypt at the same time, that can be done with a single survey.

Reach large audiences

Our survey platform provides access to respondents across the globe so you can reach geographically and demographically diverse audiences.

Analyze surveys

Use different analytical survey tools

Depending on the situation, your survey responses may have to be processed in different ways from SPSS to different types of Excel analysis.

Present your data professionally

Do you need to present your findings to your clients or customers? SynoTool has a PowerPoint slides data export function, polished by our designers to make them look professional and easy to read.

Customize the results

Our current tools don’t fulfill your needs? That’s not a problem, our data analysis team can extract and analyze your insights just they way you want it.

Get support

Support is always available

Our customer support is always glad to help you out if something’s not working or you don’t know how some of the functions work. Write us an e-mail or drop a message on Skype!

Live training sessions

Feel like getting to know the platform the way we see it? Tired of trying to figure everything out on your own? We can arrange a live training session in which we’ll show and teach you everything you need to know.

Up-to-date tutorials

SynoTool provides video guides for you to use in case you want to find the answer to your question by yourself.

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