Syno panel

Syno Panel allows you to create and manage user communities to generate customer insights and revenue.

We provide a full platform for clients to set up, recruit, manage, support and incentivize communities to automatically generate additional user data and efficiently conduct research to collect tailored insights to answer the questions that are important for them today to make informed decisions.

Easy to set up
Efficient to manage
Understand your audience
Generate revenue

It takes just a couple of days to set up and Syno provide templates, best practices and guidance.

The platform is set up to automate as many tasks as possible and our support can manage the rest for you.

Continuous profiling and integration with data collection allows you to collect more profile information about your users and answers to your questions.

Connected to the market place the panel can generate revenue at the same time as data by members sharing their time and opinions for rewards and bonuses.

Syno answers

SynoAnswers provides you answers to your questions from people in your target group.

Fast, professional and easy-to-use service for asking your questions to the right people.
Who is your target group? What are your questions? Get your answers today!


Focus on specific target groups and get answers from people that matter to your business.

Upload your questions in .doc and a report will be created.

Get the report by email for further data analysis.

Syno Tool

Technology solution for the collection, processing and reporting of data.

We work today closely with clients within the following sectors and industries: Beverages, FMCG, medical products, management consultants, media agencies, publishers, adtech, PR agencies, research companies among others.

Advanced capabilities
Multiple reporting alternatives

Start collecting data today with minimum requirements and effort

Manage projects requiring anything from simple quick surveys on own contacts to complex international research projects with advanced logic’s

Use basic online reports, cross tabulations or complex dashboards with data fusion from multiple sources

Syno Score

SynoScore helps advertising and media companies be more successful in the new digital economy.

We provide clients with a unique fusion of opinion and behavior data that enables a better understanding of consumers.
Our data comes from our own advanced metering solutions and consumer panels, as well as integration with partners
and data providers.


We offer publishers a way to better understand audience’s attitudes and behavior towards content and advertising on its channels and domains – whether they are online or offline.

We collect and process data from a number of different sources to provide insights from which a publisher can directly act upon and improve relations towards both the audience and advertisers.

We measure reach, demographics, quality and effectiveness to understand how a brand’s awareness and image is affected by advertising.
An advertising agency can work with us to improve ads, media agencies can see the performance of campaigns online or offline, while brand owners should choose us to see their brand performance over time.


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