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Data that drives business

Syno International is a data company specializing in the collection, processing and reporting of data.

Operating from offices in Europe and Asia clients across a number of industries are serviced on projects ranging from ad hoc simple and local to continuous complex and global solutions.

Our primary mission is to make meaningful data that solves clients needs in everyday business easily accessible for all levels of users through the use of in house developed technology paired with state of the art complementary solutions.

Our team covers software development and customization, project management and coordination experts, data scientists and analysts to deliver solutions that can be out of the box or adapted to individual clients’  needs.

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Collect data

Multi mode and source data collection adapted for your business and process needs

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Process data

Advanced data processing and refinement to give you access to the information that that you need

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Report data

Reporting of projects and data analyzed and tailored to each project requirement and case

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Modern solutions

Our solutions are tailored to each project using a combination of in house developed customized tools and state of the art out of the box solutions.


Both data collection and reporting interfaces are adapted for cross device usage


The platform and solutions provided are highly customizable and clients come from a wide range of industries that need fast, efficient and reliable data reported in easy to use interfaces.

Data cloud

All your data and reports safely stored in the cloud and available to local units and users across the globe in real time 24/7.


Customized reporting tailored to your specific needs based on either custom developed in house systems or state of the art out of the box solutions.


Integrate with your existing systems such as CRM, DMP etc. to maximize your return and use from data.

Free updates

We work hard on continuously improving, often in close collaboration with our clients. As the solutions and tools evolve we are happy to share the updates and new features to all our clients.

Support 24/7

With teams in Europe and Asia we strive to provide clients with efficient and skilled support that understands your needs as well as the industries in general and are available when you need it.


Inovation and business development is in our DNA and we promise to keep adding more and more tools to our offerings so keep an eye on this space.